Visceral - New Era EP

Released On: May 30 2019

Smashing straight in for the fourth Fractal release we have Visceral with his New Era EP. Four hard D&B bangers - and one hardcore smasher - all ready to shred you up.

Each track is as epic in its world-building as it is ferocious in its rhythms. Visceral sets a scene for the ears before dropping bombs all over, determined to cause sheer carnage in any dance. Not one for the fainthearted this EP spans multiple BPMs and combines that hard sound we know and love with a tasty neuro-esque influence. Expect fast breaks, hefty bass, and big, clangy snares - plus maybe a kick drum or two.

1. The Hunger
2. Simulation
3. The Rage
4. The Wicked One
5. Species X

£5 from Bandcamp