Fractal:20 - Resident Evil

June 22 2018 • 22:00 - 06:00

£4 / £6

It's been too long... cheap entry special, residents and crew, maybe a sneaky guest (we can't quite resist)
Lots of residents, resident evil, yeah? Yeah.

🡾 Skitzaph0nic [ Fractal ] - "I Am Become" EP Launch Party
We always love to bring Skitzaph0nic to Leeds and this time will be even more special, which an exclusive exploration of his brutal first release on the new Fractal label - a culmination of more than two years of blood, sweat and tears combined into a sonic soundscape the likes of which we've ever seen. CDs will be on-sale for £5 each!
soundcloud.com/skitzaph0nic & soundcloud.com/fractaldnb-leeds/skitzaph0nic-iambecome

🡾 goreshit [ goreshit ] - Fractal debut
Really pleased to finally bring the madness of goreshit to a Fractal lineup; after he was initially considered as headliner way back in 2015, it never quite happened, but that's all about to change. Crazy breakcore mash style, doesn't really need a description; it'll be absolute bangers.
soundcloud.com/goreshit & youtube.com/watch?v=KFg86fBtPYI

🡾 Havok [ Fractal ]
Long awaited return to the Beaver Works for this hardcore madman; originally put on as the DJ competition winner for Skanky CUN7's birthday in 2016, since then we took him to rip Sheffield to pieces for the Shefftek versus, and finally get a chance to tear up the Beaver Works with his unique selection of blistering kicks played at an all too extreme speed. Proper business!

🡾 Parixotek [ Fractal / Jungle Syndicate / WYJA ]
Otherwise styled as DJ Parody, Pixl, and Sinistatek, joined together at the seams into an unholy trifecta of weapons-grade amens and hardcore beats. Always one to watch, especially when we don't give them enough space to stand behind the decks.
https://soundcloud.com/dj-parody & https://soundcloud.com/pixljs & https://soundcloud.com/sinistatek

🡾 Hollie Anthwax [ Fractal ]
Hollie Anthwax has been involved in the DJing and music scene for over a decade. Turntable purist rinsing out the hardcore and amens, with a penchant for the long-lost technoid artform. A regular feature at Fractal events since we discovered her techniques, she's quickly become a crowd favourite, for obvious reasons...

🡾 LSD-Licious [ Fractal / Nelly Roger ]
Resident turntablist mash-up madman. Famed for his eclectic mix of sounds in the warmup sets across all facets of dance music and a wide selection of tempos, styles and techniques. Always got something different to show us ;)

🡾 Skanky Ho [ Fractal ]
Taking his naming inspiration from your mum, Skanky Ho starts out his sets with the hardest tune he can think of, making his audience contort themselves into unrecognisable shapes at breakneck speeds. With little concern for their mental welfare, he weaponises the jaw clenching drum & bass, hardcore and hardtek sounds that we know and love so well

🡾 CUN7 [ Fractal ]
Fractal founder, lead idiot, resident dickhead and general reprobate CUN7, smashing out the 'breed on all too many decks, after too many beers, and with not enough practise. Still somehow manages to draw a crowd. Oftentimes described as 'transcendent.' In short, think you know what to expect here ;)


June 22nd @ Beaver Works, Leeds, LS10 1AD
22:00 - 06:00 // Tickets £4 - OTD £6
BUY : https://fractaldnb.com/tickets