Fractal:11 - Forbidden Society

May 6 2016 • 23:00 - 05:00

In collaboration with Forbidden Society Recordings, we bring you the hardest lineup we've ever come up with...

Hallucinator (IT) [Forbidden Society / PRSPCT / Yellow Stripe]
Second time ever in UK! First time in Leeds
https://soundcloud.com/hallucinatordnb : https://www.facebook.com/hallucinator/

Sei2ure (NL) [Forbidden Society / Genosha 175 / Enzyme]
First time in Leeds
https://soundcloud.com/sei2ure : https://www.facebook.com/sei2uremusic/

Forbidden Society (CZ) [Forbidden Society / Yellow Stripe / PRSPCT]
First time in Leeds
https://soundcloud.com/forbiddensociety : https://www.facebook.com/forbiddensocietydnb/

Krafty PK
Skanky CUN7

Live video projections by Macchineruba and Tape End Productions
Multi projector mayhem


May 6th 2016, 11PM-6AM
Beaver Works, 36 Whitehouse Street, Leeds, LS10 1AD

£10 tickets / £15 OTD