General Waste

Community Payback / Amen4Tekno / Erisian / Dykpie / Lemtek / Law Of The Jungle

Jungle, Jungletek, Hardtek, Breakcore

From London, UK, General Waste specialises in recycling music into other music. After a originally working in UK Hip-Hop, getting involved with the electronic music and free party scene in Brighton and elsewhere in the UK bought him into contact with new genres and artists, and he moved into DJing and eventually producing for the dancefloor.

His preferred style is generally amen-heavy Jungle and Jungletek, often with a strong Reggae vibe, but he enjoys incorporating all kinds of other styles, from Bass Music to Gabba. A long-time member of the Erisian collective, in 2014 he launched his own vinyl-only label, Community Payback Records, to promote his particular nutty brand of tekno. CPR001 & CPR002 are available to buy now. General Waste is currently based in Yangon, Myanmar.

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General Waste

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