DJ Alk-M-E

NSA / Fractal

Rave, DnB, UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Tek

Known for his passion about uplifting rave music, fast pianos, high pitched vocals, stomping kickbass and rhythmic amen kickoffs, Alk-M-E is fast gaining notoriety and has released tunes on Lemtek, LLTA, and Prescribed records; with a whole host of upcoming releases for Erisian, Amen4Tekno, Dread Collective and Chuffin Noise.

Alk-M-E has played shows up and down the country and was a big part of regular events in Middlesbrough such as NU Underground, Circus Electronique and LUCID. After smashing sets at both Balter Festival and Old Saw Mill, he’s currently looking towards an upcoming international booking in Israel.

If you're interested in booking DJ Alk-M-E for your event, contact artists@fractaldnb.com, or make use of the booking request button.

DJ Alk-M-E

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