Crossbreed, Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Uptempo

Fractal founder, booking agent and DJ CUN7 is renowned for his hard-hitting and explosive hardcore, crossbreed and drum & bass performances.

With a penchant for smashing it up on three or four CDJs at a time, he's been fortunate enough to play sets across Europe including at such events as Boomtown Fair, Balter Festival and Bangface Weekender and has over a decades experience in the art of mixing.

As a producer, he's had releases on Chuffin Noise, TFA Audio, Tekno Slags and for a short time operated his own label, rekt rekordingz, which featured a few releases of more party friendly hardcore music.

With Fractal itself he has smashed a niche into the northern scene and operates one of the premier hard music events in Leeds and further afield, as well as taking the brand on the road for extensive takeovers and collaborative nights across the country.

If you're interested in booking CUN7 for your event, contact artists@fractaldnb.com, or make use of the booking request button.


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