Fractal / LLTA / Hormonal VibrationZz

Breakcore, Hardcore, Jungle, Hardtek, Donk

You know that moment when you know you have taken too much acid, pissed yourself, got naked and tried to fuck a police car? When the whole universe has been calling you names behind your back, and even the trees think you are a twat? At this point, most people will need to drink some orange juice, pop some valium and call it a night; but for AcdBrnOut, the party is just getting started.

Learning his craft in the infamous French rave scene, it's no surprise that AcdBrnOut makes tunes that would melt any unworthy soundsystems into little pools of broken dreams.

If listening to tunes such as his "Which Way Is Sideways?" or "No Concept!" don't have you tongue-deep in a bag of amphetamines craving a link-up bigger than your house to listen to them on, then you have failed as a raver.

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